01 Q

Folding & Flap of Envelope?

High Cut flap Envelope


High Cut flap with Outside seam Envelope


Diamond flap Envelope


Wallet flap Envelope


Self – Seal flap Envelope


Special flap Envelope


Curved flap Envelope


Window Envelope


CD Envelope


Open End flap Envelope


Peel & Seal Envelope


Perforation Envelope


Eyelets & String Envelope

02 Q

What is Width and Length of envelope?

Normal Envelope : 

Width                       :  From top to bottom or High of envelope

Length                     :  From left to right

Measurement unit  :  Millimeter (mm) / Centimeter (cm)


Open End Envelope : 

Width                       :  From left to right

Length                     :  From top to bottom or High of envelope

Measurement unit  :  Millimeter (mm) / Centimeter (cm) / Inch in standard size

03 Q

The paper size or card match with Envelope?

Envelope No. 6 : Paper or Picture size 3 x 5 inch


Envelope No. C6 / Envelope No. 7 1/2 : Card 4 x6 or 4.25 x 7.25 Inch


Envelope No.C6 : A4 paper folded in 4 or A6 paper


Envelope No. 8 1/2 : Card 5x7 inch


Envelope No. DL and No 9 : A4 paper folded in 3 or Letter Paper


Open End envelope No.6 3/8 x 9 / Envelope No.C5 : A5 paper


Open End envelope No. 8 x 11 : B5 paper


Open End envelope No. 9 x 12 : A4 paper (insert around 1 to 15 sheets)


Open End envelope No. 9 x 12 3/4A4 paper (insert around 50 to 70 sheets)


Enlarge envelope No.C4 : A4 paper (insert around 500 sheets)


Open End envelope No. 10 x 13 : A4 paper (insert around 100 to 200 sheets)


Open End envelope No.10x15 : Legal paper


Open End envelope No.12 x 17 or bigger : A3 paper


Open End Envelope No.14 1/2 x 17 1/2 : X-Ray film


CD envelope : CD

04 Q

What kind envelope can be made to order?

Outside seam envelope : for using with auto insert machine


Eyelets & String envelope : for special size of envelope


Window envelope : as specific window and position as customer need

05 Q

What is difference the brown kraft envelope between BA, KA and KI?

BA Brown Kraft Paper :

The paper produce from 95% - 100% Recycle Paper, light brown color, paper weight 110 Gsm., BA envelopes can be insert documents or letters don’t too heavy.


KA Brown Kraft Paper :

The 70% - 85% Recycle Paper approximately, dark brown color, paper weight 125 Gsm., KA envelopes can be insert documents in heavy weight such as one magazine.


KI Brown Kraft Paper :

The paper as same as KA brown kraft paper, but only the color is difference as KI brown kraft paper is the light brown.